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Things To Know About Vivitrol When Treating Alcoholism

Things To Know About Vivitrol When Treating Alcoholism

Vivitrol, also known as Naltrexone is a prescription drug that is commonly used as a treatment for alcohol use disorder.

It works to help reduce cravings and repress feelings of euphoria associated with the disorder and is considered a helpful medicine to incorporate in a comprehensive recovery plan.

Vivitrol is usually prescribed either during the detox process to help individuals detox in a safe environment and under the care of a medical professional or after a detox process has taken place to help reduce symptoms of withdrawal.

It is characterized as an effective medicine for the treatment of alcohol abuse. This post will explore the effectiveness of Vivitrol and how it works as an effective medicine for treating alcoholism.

How Does Vivitrol Work?

Vivitrol is approved by the US FDA as a prescription medication and can be used as a treatment for alcohol abuse. It’s characterized as an extended-release formulation of naltrexone.

Alcohol is classified as a depressant that works to release endorphins and slow the body down. In doing so, a common effect of the consumption of alcohol is to feel a sense of calm and euphoria.

This relaxed state associated with consuming alcohol is what people often become reliant on and it can consequently lead to individuals becoming addicted or dependent on the substance.

Vivitrol is a medicine that works to reduce the feeling of cravings and euphoria by blocking the receptors in the body that produce these feelings when alcohol is consumed.

However, Vivitrol does not block an individual from becoming impaired from consuming alcohol. Whilst it may reduce pleasant feelings associated with alcohol, it doesn’t stop the effects of intoxication such as impairment, reduced coordination, and poor judgment.

Vivitrol is intended for individuals who have already detoxed from alcohol and other substances and it is not a medication that should be used to help someone stop drinking alcohol.

Is Vivitrol An Effective Alcohol Treatment?

Vivitrol is characterized as a prescription drug that is non-addictive and non-narcotic. Both of these properties make it a safe medication to use during recovery treatment as there is no risk of developing a dependence on it as it is not addictive.

The medicine helps to reduce the euphoric effects of alcohol so that even if a person relapses, they won’t experience the desired effects of the alcohol.

As a result, the brain will eventually begin to disassociate the consumption of alcohol with feelings of relaxation and euphoria. This is a key factor in helping clients to stay abstinent during their recovery and to avoid relapse.

Vivitrol is best used in combination with a comprehensive treatment program and support.

Whilst it’s effective in reducing symptoms of craving and euphoria that help to maintain sobriety, it should be administered in a safe environment with the right treatment plan for long-term results.

Types Of Naltrexone

Naltrexone is commonly used as a medicine for alcohol treatment during the early stages of recovery. Naltrexone works by blocking opiate receptors in the body, it can be administered in different ways including as a tablet, injectable, or an implant.

Naltrexone Tablet

Naltrexone tablets often come under the brand names ReVia and Depade. Both of which are commonly prescribed for the treatment of alcohol use disorder.

However, as it’s a pill, there is the potential risk of an individual missing a dose or taking more than what was prescribed to them. This can lead to health complications and uncomfortable side effects.

Injectable Naltrexone

A naltrexone injection comes under the brand name Vivitrol. The injection is also known as a Vivitrol shot and is administered once a month by a medical professional.

The Vivitrol shot is a great alternative to the naltrexone pill as it doesn’t need to be administered daily and therefore reduces the risk of experiencing side effects.

With the naltrexone pill, individuals may be less compliant to taking the pill each day or remembering to take it, hence, Vivitrol creates a solution that reduces the risk of complications.

Vivitrol And Alcohol Interaction

It’s imperative that before a person starts using Vivitrol, that they are in a state of not being physically dependent on alcohol or any other substance.

This is because, if an individual with alcohol or other substances in their system also takes Vivitrol, they will experience significant side effects of experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the substance.

The combination can cause uncomfortable side effects. Hence, Vivitrol is often prescribed after an individual has undergone a detox process in order to avoid the interaction of other substances.

Like with any medication, there is a risk of experiencing side effects. Vivitrol is associated with some common side effects, however, individuals will have different experiences. Some side effects are mild whilst others can be more severe.

However, having alcohol or other substances in your system can cause more serious side effects and create health complications.

Common side effects associated with Vivitrol include;

  • Cramping
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Muscle pain
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia

More severe side effects include;

  • Hallucinations
  • Dizziness
  • Pneumonia
  • Liver damage
  • Allergic reaction
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Benefits of Vivitrol

Vivitrol is an effective medicine for treating alcoholism. Its benefits include;

Reducing the pleasurable effects of alcohol to reduce the motivation of consuming it
Works well in combination with other treatment methods such as therapy
Its therapeutic benefits outweigh the potential side effects if administered properly


As a non-addictive and non-narcotic, Vivitrol is an effective medication for assisting in recovery. It helps to reduce cravings to aid in maintaining sobriety without the risk of developing dependence.

For the best results, Vivitrol is a drug that is to be used for short-term use after the completion of a detoxification process. With a Vivitrol shot only needing to be administered once a month, it is ideal for those who find it difficult to take pills.

Vivitrol is classified as an effective treatment for helping those with alcohol use disorder complete long-term recovery.

Though effective as a medication for helping treat alcohol use disorder, it works best in combination with a comprehensive treatment plan and support or supervision.

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