Recreational Ativan Use

Ativan, also known as lorazepam, is a highly effective prescription medicine for treating a variety of disorders, including anxiety disorders and seizures. It is classed as a controlled substance that is only available by prescription.

It is also classified as part of the Benzodiazepine family which has a tranquilizer effect. This effect, along with its high potency, makes Ativan create a risk of individuals developing Ativan dependence and abuse caused by recreational use.

Ativan can induce feelings of euphoria and other symptoms similar to that of being under the influence of alcohol. Its effects along with its potency lead to many misusing the substance. This post will explore the risk of recreational Ativan use.

Ativan Abuse

Benzodiazepines are classified as highly potent drugs. They work to interact directly with neural pathways that create a sedative effect. It does this by inhibiting neurotransmitters in the brain which causes the body’s responses to slow down such as slowing the heart rate, breathing, and relaxing the muscles.

For many, this sedative effect creates a sense of euphoria and bliss. Its effects, along with its high potency, can lead to individuals abusing the substance by either increasing their recommended dose or prolonging their use of the substance in order to achieve the desired effect.

Besides addiction, Ativan abuse can cause substantial adverse health effects that include:

  • Cognitive impairment can lead to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • Birth defects
  • Confusion
  • An irregular heartbeat
  • Vertigo

Ativan Recommended Dose

When Ativan is used as prescribed, it can be taken as a pill.

Ativan recreational use includes using the substance illicitly and taking it as a pill, crushed as a powder and snorted, or mixed with a liquid and injected.

Ativan recreational use is unadvised as the misuse of the substance can lead to addiction and dependency. If you or a family member are dealing with substance abuse, contact 877-636-9322 to get the help you need today.

The recommended prescribed dosages will differ according to what the medication has been prescribed for. To reduce the risk of developing a substance use disorder, it’s important to follow the recommended dosage that has been prescribed to you by your doctor.

Risks Of Taking Ativan Recreationally

Taking Ativan above the recommended dosage or taking it for purely recreational purposes can be damaging. Doing so, can lead to the suppression of the central nervous system and the slowing of bodily functions that could lead to serious health problems.

Using Ativan illicitly by snorting it can be extremely addictive and may consequently lead to life-threatening side effects especially in combination with opioids.


Due to the potency of lorazepam, being exposed to a small dosage, even under the influence of a doctor can lead to developing an addiction.

The body is prone to developing a tolerance to the substance. An increase in tolerance leads to the diminished effect that the substance has on the body over time.

As a result, an individual may not experience the same effect they did when the substance was first introduced. Consequently, this can lead to people increasing their recommended dose or prolonging the use of the substance in order to experience the desired effect.

An increase in tolerance can unfortunately lead to dependence which makes it difficult for an individual to function normally without being under the influence of Ativan. Becoming dependent on Ativan can lead to

Reduced Quality Of Life

The abuse of Ativan can lead to a reduced quality of life as the substance becomes a focal point. This can cause strains amongst family and work relationships and can affect the fulfillment of responsibilities and obligations.

Whilst Ativan is commonly used to treat mental health disorders such as anxiety, the excessive use of the substance can create similar symptoms to those associated with anxiety. The misinterpretation of symptoms can cause individuals to increase their dosage and consequently worsen the symptoms.

Additionally, the excessive recreational use of benzodiazepine has been linked to changing people’s emotional states to the point where they struggle to feel emotion. This is characterized as emotional anesthesia and it can become a catalyst for the risk of increased suicidal thoughts.


The excessive abuse of Ativan can lead not only to addiction but also dependence. Once an individual becomes tolerant to the effects of a substance and they are physically dependent, coming away from the substance can be difficult.

Deciding to withdraw from the use of Ativan can cause an individual to experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms vary and can last for months. Some may even be life-threatening if not dealt with effectively.

If you or someone you care about is experiencing withdrawal symptoms, it’s important to reach out and get the right treatment to help you get through it.


One of the greatest risks of Ativan abuse is the risk of overdose. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2019, about 16% of overdose deaths involved benzodiazepines.

Ativan acts as a central nervous system depressant that works to reduce symptoms associated with anxiety disorder. However, its sedative effect also causes vital internal systems to slow down.

Misusing lorazepam for recreational purposes can reduce the body’s internal systems to dangerous levels. This can lead to the reduction of a person’s blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate. This can consequently lead to an overdose.

Signs of an overdose include:

  • Slurred speech
  • Reduced heart rate
  • Slow or stopped breathing
  • Double vision and impaired coordination
  • Delirium
  • Blue fingernails

If you recognize the signs of an overdose in yourself or someone you care about, seek medical support immediately.


The recreational use of Ativan can have negative and potentially life-threatening consequences. Misusing the substance can consequently lead to addiction and physical dependence. Ativan is a highly addictive and potent substance that increases the risk of substance abuse and excessive recreational use.

If you recognize any of the signs in you or someone you care about, it’s not too late to get the help you need contact us today on 877-636-9322 and get the help you deserve.

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