Outreach Team

Michael Sarubbi

Clinical Outreach Representative

Michael has been working in the field of addiction for 8 years. He is a Certified Interventionist trained through Pro Act of Pennsylvania utilizing his expertise to help individuals and their families suffering from substance abuse. He works directly with individuals and family members to coordinate treatment based on the specific needs of the clients and their families. Michael donates his time and know-how to those without insurance or the financial resources to find treatment. He is an advocate for substance abuse treatment in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and has worked closely with County representatives and State-level legislators to enhance addiction awareness.

Burton Jensen

Director of Alumni and Business Relations

Stemming from the tragic loss of a beloved family member, Burton brings a dogged determination to help those suffering from substance abuse. He and his family have made it their life-mission to bring awareness to the lethal perils of untreated chemical dependency and to spread the message of hope.

Burton has spent his entire career in relationship-focused roles. He brings a breadth of knowledge and a multi-faceted set of skills to Liberation Way. Burton spends his time working directly alongside Liberation Way’s current and alumni clients, helping to provide the vital support required to successfully reach long-term recovery.

He has earned both a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an MBA in Finance from Drexel University.

Debra Vitali

Clinical Outreach Representative

Deborah comes to Liberation Way with a lifetime of personal experience helping addicts and alcoholics treat their addiction. She works closely with addicts and their families providing support and guidance where needed. Deborah has experience as a family member with a number of treatment facilities and treatment modalities, and uses that experience when working with families to identify the best program for their loved one.

She works with all individuals and families regardless of their insurance status or financial resources. Debra also works closely with hospitals, private therapists, general practitioners, and various support groups in Philadelphia. She believes in Liberation Way, their holistic model, and all the experienced staff members who make us who we are. She encourages those in need of treatment to follow this wonderful path to recovery. She is also actively involved in both Al-Anon and Nar-Anon.

Deborah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Misericordia University in Dallas, Pa.

Emily Horwitz

Clinical Outreach Representative

Emily Horwitz enthusiastically joins our team with 5 years of experience with some of the leading treatment providers in the Philadelphia area. Emily’s efforts have helped hundreds of local addicted persons enter treatment and begin their path to recovery. Realizing that deciphering substance abuse health coverage can be sometimes frustrating and confusing, Emily prides herself on her familiarity and knowledge of substance abuse benefits and the ability to help guide families through the process as seamlessly as possible. Looking forward to continuing to aid in the access to treatment for those in need, she brings a big heart and a kind soul to the conversation as families face some of the most stressful and frightening moments of their lives. Emily brings vast experience in delivering client-focused solutions to referral sources including hospitals, prisons, private therapists, and inpatient treatment facilities. Emily’s experience and passion to help promote healthy recovery bring her to Liberation Way with an excitement to be a major piece of our growth and success.

Michael Armstrong

Clinical Outreach Representative

Michael is a Certified Youth Recovery Specialist and a person in recovery that understands and has experienced the difficulties families and loved ones face when seeking recovery solutions. Believing there are multiple pathways to change his expertise in the criminal justice system, knowledge of insurance benefits, and advocacy for recovery makes Michael and excellent resource and a great addition to the Liberation Way team. He brings with him an altruistic mindset with values and principles that have helped many individuals and families heal. Michael’s dedication and passion is evident as he offers his time and knowledge to those without insurance or financial resources making it possible for everyone to find the hope and joy of recovery. Michael also provides early prevention awareness and continued care education through his public speaking and charitable work within the PA & NJ communities.