Detox Services

Detox: The First Step in Recovery

Liberation Way can arrange a safe, comfortable, medically monitored detox as needed for all its clients. There is no reason for anyone to fear the detox process under quality medical supervision. We can ensure that all clients will move through the detox process with the best care possible.

Detox is the first step in the recovery process and in breaking through a substance abuse (drugs/alcohol) problem. Detox is the process through which chemical toxins are removed from the brain and the body. The process is signified by the onset of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms in most cases, need to be medically monitored for health and safety of the client. Detox is the body’s way of returning the whole body to stasis, or balance. The variables of each person’s substance abuse use, mental health and medical status, determine how detox proceeds.

  • Amount of drugs/alcohol consumed
  • Types of drugs ingested
  • Length of use
  • Number of previous detoxifications
  • Age, mental, emotional and physical state of well-being

Detox is not and can never be considered addiction treatment!

For the best results, Liberation Way ensures that a person needing to detox will be provided with a continuum of care. That means there are no breaks between the conclusion of the detox and the start of addiction treatment. Studies have demonstrated that people who wait after completing detox and beginning treatment are at a higher risk of immediate relapse. During detox, the medical staff monitors each client carefully addressing all physical and emotional issues as they arise. Maintaining a safe and comfortable environment during detox helps clients complete the detox process. Medical staff can reduce fear and anxiety and bolster clients’ resolve to continue with treatment.

Liberation Way’s ability to ensure a continuum of care reduces the chances of relapse immediately following detox. Treatment helps bring the person suffering from addiction back to health, clears the mind for rational thinking while offering the environment to learn how to live a productive, healthy, fulfilling life.

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