Clinical Team

Lauren Barrett, MA, LPC, LAC, NCC

Clinical Supervisor

Lauren has spent her entire career helping individuals and families battle addiction and its co-occurring disorders. She has worked in short-term and long-term residential facilities as well as PHP, IOP, and OP for one of Southern New Jersey’s leading addiction treatment facilities. Lauren brings nearly half a decade of experience to Liberation, having worked with a wide range of clients in a number of treatment modalities.

Lauren has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Richard Stockton College and her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Professional Counseling from Rosemont College. Lauren is a Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC)

Kapil Nayar MA, LPC, NCC, LAC, C.Ht.

Clinical Supervisor

Kapil Nayar (aka Kap) has been working in the mental health field for the past 6 years. He offers an eclectic assortment of therapeutic modalities which are focused to remedy physical ailments, and pacify mental illness. He can discuss medication regiment and side effects to assist clients in resolving their concerns. He is a Mindfulness practitioner who promotes the maintenance of a peaceful compassionate outlook on life. Kap offers a refreshing approach in mental health by integrating clinical counseling, hypnosis, psychopharmacology, weight loss, and mindfulness meditation for clientele.

Kapil received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Temple University, his Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology from La Salle University, and a Master’s in Psychopharmacology from the Neuroscience Education Institute.

Lisa Fobian, CADC, DRCC


Lisa currently has her CADC and is working towards her Masters in Counseling. She has worked in the field of mental health and substance abuse since 2006 in outpatient, in-home and inpatient settings. Lisa has extensive experience facilitating both educational groups and process groups. She also has experience counseling individual’s and their families. She is certified as a Disaster Response Crisis Counselor through the NJ Mental Health Association.

Lisa came to Liberation Behavioral Health with a desire to be part of a vision that embraces a holistic view of healing. Lisa believes that spirituality and self-growth are essential to a happy and productive life. Lisa’s experience facilitating DBT groups has taught her that mindfulness is beneficial to everyone not just people that struggle with addiction or mental illness. Mindfulness encourages us all to be more aware, live non-judgmentally and most important to live in the moment.

Lisa works with her patients in not segregating themselves from the rest of society as we all share some of the same life issues whether addiction is involved or not. This is why Lisa supports the 12 steps and DBT as they can be implemented in any situation. Lisa also uses motivational interviewing to help patients identify their own needs which also increases their self-confidence.

Lisa will be starting training in the fall for Psychodrama, an empowering alternative to talk-therapy.

Kristina Chocolate, MS

Counselor Assistant

Kristina received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from Monmouth University. She has experience working with children and adults both in the school setting and outpatient setting. She also has experience working with co-occuring disorders. Kristina is very passionate about the mental health field. She utilizes strength based and humanistic techniques with her clients. She also utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is currently pursuing licensure as a Licensed Associate Counselor in New Jersey as well as in the process of becoming a Nationally Certified Counselor.

Sabrina Wilton, MS

Counselor Assistant

Sabrina Wilton has been working in the mental health field for the past 4 years. Prior to joining Liberation Way, she worked at a community mental health center in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Sabrina has previous experience counseling and providing life skills for adolescents and their families. She also has a passion for Wilderness Therapy and has a background in experiential-based therapy.

Sabrina has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She received a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Counseling Psychology and a concentration in Treatment of Addiction Disorders from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Sabrina is currently in the process of becoming a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

Colleen Devlin

Counselor Assistant

Colleen has clinical experience working in inpatient and outpatient settings, in both mental health and substance abuse primary facilities, including one of South Jersey’s leading addictions treatment facilities. She has taken on various roles within these facilities, including therapist, case manager, and admissions representative. She has experience facilitating psycho-educational and process groups, as well as seeing patient’s individually and with their families. Her case management and admissions experience has provided her knowledge of insurance providers and the referral process for treatment.

Recently, Colleen assisted in building a hospital based SBIRT assessment program that aims to identify various stages of addiction. Within this program, she has gained experience providing brief assessments and interventions, as well as providing referrals to treatment. This experience provided her the opportunity to connect with various facilities and form relationships to ensure a seamless transition from a client’s hospital discharge to outpatient treatment. Colleen gained an understanding of the importance of clinical outreach, which aided in her decision to join Liberation Way as a Clinical Outreach Representative.

Colleen has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Chestnut Hill College and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Counseling from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She is currently in the process of becoming a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

Sonia Horwitz, MS, CADC


Sonia Horwitz has worked in the field of addiction treatment for over five years. She received her Master’s Degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Chestnut Hill College and is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) through the Pennsylvania Certification Board. For several years, Sonia has worked as a Clinical Supervisor and Lead Therapist of a gender-specific unit which addressed the needs of adult females struggling with co-occurring disorders. Prior to that, she worked with adolescents in both residential and outpatient chemical dependency treatment settings. Sonia has extensive experience working with trauma survivors and is certified in the Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model. She uses psychological theory and a client-centered approach to treatment, incorporating her experience with 12 Step Facilitation throughout the treatment process. Sonia’s philosophy is to provide a sanctity of trust within the therapeutic relationship and an opportunity to explore assisted, self-guidance, to effectively combat dysfunction.

Mark Gattuso

Counselor Assistant

Mark Gattuso is a primary therapist at Liberation way. He has currently been working in the field of addiction for 2 years. Prior to coming to liberation way he worked at an outpatient addiction program as a primary counselor. Mark is experienced in cognitive behavior therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, and motivational therapy. He is educated in psychology and addiction counseling. Mark still attends college and is currently working toward a degree in substance abuse and behavioral health counseling.

Jaclyn Lewin

Counselor Assistant

Working on her CADC, Jaclyn joins Liberation Way with much experience and compassion for each and every person that walks through our doors. She has been in the addictions field for 5 years working in detox and loves the field. Being in sobriety herself, she understands the struggles and triumphs of recovery.

Jaclyn is a certified Zumba instructor and has been teaching Zumba to kids and adults for 3 years. She is incredibly passionate about her dance and fitness background and her goal is to incorporate taking care of mind, body and soul through dance. Jaclyn believes that Zumba allows you to honor your body without being shamed. It allows you to distract the mind and focus on what is in front of you.
“We will love you until you learn to love yourself.”

Scott Collins

Director of Operations

Scott is a Human Services Major at Rowan College pursuing his Masters in Addictions Counseling. Scott recentlyreceived his Addictions Counseling Certificate from Rowan College. He is a Counselor In Training and the Tech Supervisor at Liberation Way working his way to obtaining his CADC licensing. Scott has had the opportunity as a student to apply his academics to his day to day functions at Liberation Way.