For Families

At Liberation Way, we are dedicated to helping individuals and their families suffering from addiction find their way back to health. We understand that addiction is a family disease. In the 1950s and 60s, therapists working with alcoholics began to notice that family members were suffering mental, physical and emotional problems related to all stages of addiction. It became apparent that family, close friends and even co-workers could suffer profoundly from the deterioration of the addict.

Fast forward to the present with many years of research to support the original observations. It is now considered ‘best practice’ to provide close family members and/or friends with treatment related to addiction.

Our individualized treatment plans are based upon researched-based addiction recovery care and are an integral part of a quality recovery treatment program. Each family in our treatment program receives codependency and addiction education.

The family program includes, but is not limited to:

  • How does addiction develop
  • What are the physical, emotional, and mental consequences of addiction
  • What are triggers
  • What are craving

Families also learn about codependency, enabling, dysfunctional family dynamics and other topics. The family program helps individual members break out the dysfunctional patterns that develop around addictive behavior. Family addiction treatment programs can help diminish the risks of future addiction associated with the children of addicts. Family therapy helps rebuild personal boundaries, empowers personal responsibility and provides tools for handling anger, guilt and shame. Other issues, medical, emotional, behavioral that contribute to a dysfunctional family can be addressed. Therapists can address each family’s specific issues.

Our Family program is offered once a week, and we encourage all members to participate.