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Addiction is a complicated disorder that can severely affect a person’s ability to make decisions and perceive the world. The majority of people suffering from addiction are unwilling to admit their addiction, despite the negative consequences. The person suffering from addiction is reluctant to confess their problem and therefore will not seek treatment.

Sometimes, professional help is required to facilitate a discussion that will lead to the addict entering treatment. It can be difficult to organize a successful intervention. You need to know the right timing and how you approach it. Involuntary emotions won’t produce the desired outcome. Anxiety, guilt, shame, or any other tactic can lead to self-destructive behaviors.

Every aspect of an intervention is carefully planned due to the emotional nature. An intervention covers many topics, including who speaks, how it is said and what the consequences will be if the addict refuses to receive treatment.

Substance abuse intervention

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Contact Your Guide To Substance Abuse Interventions Addiction can change a person’s life. Substance abuse can alter priorities, motivations, and personalities. When a person doesn’t want to face a personal drug abuse problem, someone else must step in and offer assistance. Interventions are designed to help an individual realize and accept the need for treatment.


Friends may have feelings of emotional stress when they try to do an intervention. They can always consult an interventionist, social worker, therapy or counselor. They can request the person to lead the intervention or just ask advice on the planned events. Professional help at any level can be very beneficial. It helps to have a perspective of the process that leads you to the best outcome and keeps the focus. It may be necessary to hire a qualified specialist. Professional interventionists are strongly recommended

How do you find a treatment program to offer at the intervention?

An addiction professional’s analysis can determine the severity and determine the most effective treatment options available for the individual. Depending on the extent to which treatment can occur, the options can range in duration. Optional treatment includes early intervention, outpatient care, and day care programs. More serious problems will likely require the admission into an institution, a medical center or a clinic. Treatments can include education, counselling, vocational services, family services and life skill training. Mayo Clinic also provides various addiction treatment solutions and is committed to the treatment of alcoholic and other mental illness disorders.

Consult an addiction professional

Consult a professional in an addiction treatment program to plan and conduct an efficient treatment program. During this process, addiction professionals will assess your loved ones specific circumstances, suggest the best solution for their problem and assist with determining which kind of treatment plan would work most well. Frequently intervention is performed without an intervention professional, however expert guidance may be preferable. Occasionally interventions take place in an official office.

How can you help ensure a successful intervention?

You know someone who possesses an addiction has a very intense sense of emotion. The process of organizing such interventions may lead to anger and resentment among family members or friends whose families know you need their assistance. The goal is to support an effective intervention.

Take our Substance Abuse Self-Assessment

Please complete the online 5-minute self-administerment form if you feel that you have a substance use problem. The evaluation is based on 12 yes questions intended for information purposes evaluating severity and likelihood of substance use disorders. All tests are confidential and no personal details are needed to get the results.

Different types of interventions

Depending on the type of intervention you can choose. Nearly every interventionist practitioner uses an interventional style of intervention.

Drug Addiction

Psychedelic therapy is the use of plants and compounds that can induce hallucinations to treat mental health diagnoses, such as depression and PTSD.

Often, children, partners, siblings and parents are subjected to abuse, violence, threats and emotional upheaval because of alcohol and drug problems. You don’t have control over the behavior of your loved one with the addiction.


drug addiction

Be wary of treatment centers promising quick fixes, and avoid programs that use uncommon methods or treatments that seem potentially harmful. If the program requires travel, make arrangements ahead of time — consider having a packed suitcase ready for your loved one. Serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc A history of violence, such as domestic abuse or verbal abuse A history of suicidal talk or attempts, or other self-harming behaviors Polysubstance abuse How to Find a Professional Interventionist There are several ways to find a professional interventionist

Drug Abuse

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Ask a trusted addiction professional, doctor or mental health professional about the best treatment approach for your loved one and recommendations about programs. Contact national organizations, trusted online support groups or local clinics for treatment programs or advice.

Goals of an Intervention An intervention is a meeting where family and friends have a calm and open conversation with their loved one about their substance misuse and ask them to accept treatment.

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