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Drug Rehabs in Glendale, CA

In Glendale, California, drug and alcohol rehabs typically deal with poly-drug abuse problems due to increasing rates of Cocaine, Meth, and Opioid abuse in the city.

Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Glendale, California

Glendale Addiction Centers

In the southeastern part of the San Fernando Valley, Glendale, California, is one of numerous suburban areas of the Los AngelesLong BeachAnaheim city location. With an approximated population of 200,167 people, it is the third-largest city in Los Angeles County. While California is popular for legislating Marijuana use, it still suffers from high rates of substance abuse. And, due to a constantly growing population, accessing medical care for an addiction can be difficult. In 2015, roughly 1 in 4 LA County homeowners reported trouble accessing medical care According to the most current coroner’s report, the compounds that frequently contribute to county deaths are alcohol, Cocaine, Meth, and Opioids.

Luckily, treatment for a substance use disorder ( SUD) is readily available to Glendale homeowners at various independently and publicly-funded rehab centers in the city location. Los Angeles is near some of the world’s most popular addiction treatment facilities, and extra quality drug and alcohol rehabs are readily available all throughout the state.

Poly-drug Abuse In Glendale

In the majority of other parts of the nation, the Opioid epidemic is the primary public health issue. Nevertheless, in California, the majority of overdose deaths consist of 2 or more compounds. Cocaine and Meth are 2 of the most typically co-abused compounds in Los Angeles County. According to coroner’s reports, Meth existed in two times as numerous cases as Heroin and Fentanyl integrated. Moreover, Meth and Cocaine are 2 of the most common compounds included in unintentional deaths (after alcohol).

In Addition, prescription Opioids are typically mistreated with alcohol, resulting in death when an individual’s breathing is minimized to the point of stopping entirely. Fentanyl, mainly discovered along the eastern half of the US, was accountable for a number of overdoses in Glendale. Fentanyl, a artificial Opioid up to 50 times more effective than Heroin, can be deadly within 2 milligrams. To fight a comparable increase in Fentanyl deaths on the west coast, California began to provide Fentanyl test strips at some of the state’s needle exchange programs.

Substance Abuse Stats For Glendale

  • 739 Meth-related cases: In LA County, 739 coroner’s cases included Meth, compared to 276 with Heroin and 35 with Fentanyl.
  • 775 Opioid overdose hospitalizations: In 2015, LA County emergency departments dealt with 775 Opioid overdoses.
  • 2,282 drug deaths: In between 2013 and 2015, 2,282 people passed away of drug overdose in Los Angeles County.

Addiction Treatment In Glendale

In 2016, California had the second-most drug overdose deaths in the country (4,654). Those who fell victim to overdose lost an typical of 31 years of life too soon. The ongoing efforts of the state’s health department work to minimize and ultimately stop these deaths and the addictions that trigger them.

The county’s Drug Medi-Cal Organized Shipment System (DMC-ODS) has actually broadened state-funded services in current years to consist of:

  • Withdrawal management
  • Short-term residential treatment
  • Case management
  • Recovery assistance services

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