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Young Adults

Almost all youth are suffering from alcoholism and drug addictions in the United States. Transitioning from child to adult life is hard. In recent years, substance abuse among people from 18 to 30 has been rising. Approximately 45% of college students use illicit drugs or alcohol during high school. Younger adults using alcohol and other drugs are likely to have a drug problem. Some common drugs for adolescents are:

Inpatient treatment for adolescents can be customized according to their needs. This program provides specialized services to adolescents addressing a variety of physical, behavioral and social issues.

Challenges Young Adults Face When Seeking Addiction Rehab

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It is difficult to find help for a substance abuse problem. Most people are unable to access treatment for addiction because of the lack of options available at home for them. In addition, the need to seek addiction therapy early may seem difficult as many young adults have an active lifestyle. It’s quite hard for people who want to be sober in their own home to use substance abuse when they want to get drunk. Some young adults might opt to avoid psychiatric treatment as they fear the opinions their friends would make of them.

Treatment For Young Adults

Addiction rehab is offered for adolescents at various stages. It may be helpful to determine if the substance is the most appropriate treatment. Residential programs tend towards obtaining higher outcomes than treatment but are essential in ensuring lifelong sobriety. Known as inpatient treatment, residential treatment provides medical monitoring at all hours of the day to patients. Since each rehabilitation service has different duration, the patient can focus on specific problems while learning rehabilitation techniques.

Challenges Young Adults Face When Seeking Addiction Rehab

Similarly addiction treatment programs for youth often provide counseling focused primarily on co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis (affected by addiction and mental illness). The combination of two conditions provides best possible outcomes in terms of longer-term therapy sessions

According to the National Institution on Drug Abuse: Young adults are more likely to abuse prescription drugs than older adults. Common reasons for drug abuse among young people include masking pain, dealing with problems, increasing alertness, feeling better, or relaxing. An average of eight young adults per day dies from drug overdose.

Benefits Of Addiction Rehab For Young Adults

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A young person who attends addiction treatment programs will have several benefits. Most drug and alcohol recovery centers offering these programs are run and maintained by professionals who know what young adults require in converting to a sober life. This gives young people at an addiction recovery facility a sense of security in knowing their need has been met. Addiction rehabilitation for young adults may also help relieve the withdrawal symptoms by providing them with more comfort during recovery.

Recovery in Burning Tree’s long-term, inpatient rehab program gives our clients time to relearn some skills, grow spiritually in a closer walk with God, address unresolved wounds or hurts from the past, and learn how to identify people, places, or things that trigger drug or alcohol usage.

Obstacles For Young Adults Entering Addiction Treatment

acute opiate withdrawal symptoms, opiate withdrawal signs, website's form screen readerTaking a drug can make a person fearful. Frequently questions can arise about working or paying for a vacation from your job as a businessperson or an individual. Although your job might seem stressful, employers want the best possible customer satisfaction for them. Your productivity can best be found in the stable place of your life. Set up an appointment to talk with the HR manager to discuss time off policies or whether they’ve been taken off from their jobs. Almost all employers will accommodate your work schedules for you if you want time for recovery.

The patient would enroll into our Sober Living Facility (SLF) and then attend our Intensive Outpatient Program. This would give them some responsibilites and allow for them to tip a toe back into regular daily routines. There would be several other patients living within the home who are doing the exact same thing, but who are typically at a different place in their recovery journey.

Advantages Of Young Adult Inpatient Rehabilitation

Inpatient rehabilitation that focuses on adolescents has numerous advantages. Most of these facilities employ addiction specialists who know the physical, emotional, and behavior issues adolescents often face. Young adult rehabilitative services deal with social, biological, environmental and behavioral issues often affecting adolescents. The program provides the tools and materials needed to have an enjoyable sober lifestyle.

Addiction treatment rehab for young adults will often offer therapy that concentrates on co-occurring disorders and dual diagnosis (suffering from substance addiction and mental health disorders). By addressing both conditions concurrently, this assures the best possibility for long-term recovery.

Choosing an Inpatient Rehab For Young Adults

When you look for a treatment option in an outpatient hospital don’t just choose a program that is cheaper. Rehabilitation can take several forms from basic accommodation services to the most convenient facilities and activities. Find the facilities that you want and why. Finding an appropriate training plan will ensure your future success. Ask yourself this question before starting treatment.

Various young adults may still depend on their immediate family members as a support system. Family therapy helps members to understand better addiction and how to communicate efficiently while their loved one goes through the recovery process.

Treatment centers

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The goal of Cornerstone of Recovery’s treatment model is to help individuals who are suffering from substance abuse and related problems find healing and, ultimately, ongoing recovery. This is accomplished through a process of assessment and treatment planning that attempts to determine the nature and extent of the substance use disorder as well as any co-occurring disorders that significantly impact the person and interfere with his or her ability to accomplish life goals.

we provide a controlled environment where young adults can find acceptance, build confidence, and develop the life skills they will need after rehabilitation. Young Adult Addiction Statistics The United States has the highest level of young adult drug abuse in the world, and one in four high schoolers has a drinking problem.

Substance abuse

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Young adult speakers who are graduates of our young adult drug rehab facility share their stories of how they got sober. 3 Young adults may have different treatment needs than adults, and many in this population may not seek treatment on their own.

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