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Naltrexone: Prices, Coupons & Savings Tips

Naltrexone: Prices, Coupons & Savings Tips

Overcoming addiction is a long, difficult and tumultuous process, whether it is you yourself fighting an addiction, or someone you love and care about who is.

The good news is that whether it is alcohol, drugs and opiates that someone is dependent upon, it can be overcome with help, guidance, support and treatment.

Whilst most people argue that therapy and counseling is the way forward, it is also beneficial to go through counseling in conjunction with anti-addiction medication. This can seriously improve the chances of a full recovery, so that life can get back on track.

One of the common anti-addiction medications used today is Naltrexone. So, what is Naltrexone, how does it work and how much is it for treatment?

What Is Naltrexone?

Naltrexone is an opioid blocking medication that is used to help narcotic dependents to stop taking them. It is also certified for use with alcoholics to stay alcohol free and recover from their addiction.

Naltrexone is the active ingredient, and generic name for this kind of medication, however it is also often referred to as Vivitrol or ReVia as these are the branded names.

It is a medication primarily used to manage alcohol or opioid use disorder by reducing cravings and the effects of opiates on the brain.

Naltrexone works by affecting the brain and its response to opioids or alcohol.

This is done as the naltrexone ingredient works to block the opioid receptors in the brain, which effectively prevents the euphoric feeling of being ‘high’, so that users can curb their cravings and urges to use the drug for recreational purposes.

As there is no high, there is no desire to use.

Naltrexone is such an effective means of treating addiction because it is not an opioid or narcotic. It is not addictive and does not cause withdrawal symptoms when used as directed by a doctor.

It actively blocks the euphoria and sedative effects of drugs and alcohol, which suppresses the cravings to use opiates again, so those addicted can work on their recovery.

How Much Is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is one of the leading brands of Naltrexone medication, and is for prescription patients only. Vivitrol is also only administered by a healthcare professional, and cannot be injected by the patient.

For most Vivitrol injections, the extended release dosage is 380 mg, which costs on average about $1,487 for one supply.

However, this is dependent on the pharmacy that you visit, whether you have any specific discounts, and if you are paying cash for the treatment, rather than your insurance provider paying.

You should check with your healthcare and insurance provider, as some will cover monthly Naltrexone injection treatments. For example, Vivitrol is a service that is covered by Medi-Cal.

You can use this simple tool from the Vivitrol website to find out if your insurance provider covers the cost of Vivitrol:

You can also check out GoodRx for more information of the costs of Naltrexone injections and Vivitrol in your local area:

Cost Of Naltrexone Injection

The Naltrexone injection is an extended release drug that helps to treat alcohol and opioid dependence by blocking the effect of opioids on the brain, reducing the cravings and need to ‘get high’. This can help users recover from their addiction.

On average, these can cost about $1,100 per injection, and most treatments need to be done monthly over a period of many months. For those who are being treated with Vivitrol, it is recommended that you get a shot every month for at least a year to help you recover fully from your addiction.

In addition to this, you can take Naltrexone as an oral tablet, which can cost as little as $54 for 30 tablets and around $159 for 100 tablets if you have a Drug Discount Card.

How Much Does Naltrexone Cost Per Month?

The price of Naltrexone depends on how the medication is administered and whether it is branded medication such as Vivitrol or generic medication.

For instance, some oral naltrexone can cost as little as $25 to $60 per month, whereas injectable forms of naltrexone like Vivitrol can be much more expensive per month.

Some injectable forms of naltrexone can range from $700 to $1,200 per month.

Vivitrol And Naltrexone Coupons & Savings Tips

As mentioned above, Naltrexone and Vivitrol can be very expensive, especially if you do not have insurance. This is why we recommend getting a Drug Discount Card from

You can find this here: which is accepted at most pharmacies as long as you do not have an insurance plan. This will then provide you with discounted prices for drugs and medication.

In addition to this, Vivitrol has a Co-pay Savings program that covers up to $500 per month of co-pay or deductible expenses for eligible patients.

Patients who are eligible for Vivitrol on the co-pay program need to be over 18 years old and either have commercial health insurance or pay in cash for their treatment.

That being said, it is not available for patients using a federal or state healthcare program for their Vivitrol prescription.

To see whether you are eligible for the program, you can apply for your card here: This can really help cut the costs down of your Vivitrol or Naltrexone treatment.


To summarize, Naltrexone is one of the most common anti-addiction medications for opioid and alcohol dependent people.

When used with counseling and therapy, it is a very successful treatment for addiction. Naltrexone can be administered via oral tablets or through injections.

However, the injections can be very costly, averaging at about $1,100 per dose.

Luckily, there are coupons available to purchase Naltrexone from your local pharmacy, and savings programs available from suppliers and brands such as Vivitrol.

With all of the information, support and financial knowledge available in this guide, you can start your journey to recovery with the help of Naltrexone medication.

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