Certified Interventionists Help

Liberation Way Has Certified Interventionists to Help Families and Addicts Find Recovery

Our intervention specialists understand the complex nature of this type of interaction. Our professionals are trained, certified interventionists prepared to help you organize and perform an effective intercession. We have access to interventionists nationwide that can help you with placing your loved one into an appropriate addiction treatment facility.

An intervention can be a highly charged emotional meeting. The process helps clients feel the pain loved ones are experiencing because of addiction. A structured, organized controlled conversation (the intervention) can reveal how the drug and alcohol use has impacted everyone’s life. There is a great power in this non-confrontational approach that must be driven by love and honesty. The certified interventionist helps control everyone’s emotions and that enables the client to agree to treatment. That is the goal of an intervention.

One of our qualified specialists in Addiction Interventions can find help for your loved one. Call now and speak to one of our staff to learn more about setting up an intervention and finding appropriate treatment.